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Tue, Oct. 12th, 2004, 10:49 am

Okie dokie, I'm a democrat. To all you budding conservatives, I suggest you read up and study some more so you don't end up hanging yourself one day for voting in a moron. Anyhooo, Headquaters *located 205 on 20th street N* is hosting a Debate Watch Party. There will be things like FOOD and Bush bingo, prizes, and of course, endless bashing of Bush. Beautiful? yes, it is.

Also! Tonight at 7pm there is a lecture at the Hill Center on Hate Crimes inlaced in political speechs done by the GOP.

On other news, UAB Students for Kerry is going to Sloss on both Friday and Saturday. So if you want to get in there for free, you need to sign up and help us out. We're trying to get people to register to vote.

Another thing, The Criminal Justice Students are going to the Juvy Courts today at 3:55 *hehe*. Interships are possible from what I understand.

Okay, that covers my political business for the day.

--Can you tell I'm pre-law?--